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Updated: Mar 24, 2020

It's never too early to teach children practical home owner knowledge! With HVAC units being the largest energy user in homes it's important for children to understand how we regulate temperatures.

When explaining how your HVAC unit heats and cools your home remember to suggest keeping exterior doors closed, closing curtains when the sun is warming up rooms during the summer and keeping windows firmly shut. Explain how putting things on top of the registers, dropping items in the ductwork, and covering up the air vents can block the airflow which can result in lower efficiency and eventually mechanical problems.

And most importantly, involve your child in the maintenance of your HVAC system. Kids love doing adult work so ask them to help you with basic maintenance, such as cleaning air vents, hosing down the exterior unit, and inspecting & replacing air filters. For another learning opportunity schedule a routine maintenance appointment with Signature Heating & Air, providing local HVAC services for Central Kentucky homeowners.

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